About Us

Over 110 Years of Brotherhood

Established in 1902, Theta Chi Beta Chapter is the oldest active chapter nationally and is among the first fraternities at MIT. We have a storied tradition of developing leaders. Our alumni go on to start companies, build self-driving cars, cure diseases, get involved in politics, serve in the military and change the world. The brothers of Theta Chi are dedicated to helping one another achieve his goals and give back to our community.

Theta Chi is commited to creating a fun, engaging environment built on the principles of love and respect. We develop lifelong friendships that grow beyond the four years we spend together in college.

Our Organization

What we are all about

At Theta Chi we want to have a great time at MIT together


Academics are a priority at Theta Chi. Members of the house excel in a wide variety of academic pursuits and are always willing to help one another on a problem set or difficult concept.

Community Serivce

At Theta Chi we believe we have a responsability to the people around us. We work with charities and local organizations to give back to our community. Every semester we hold at least one charity event.


We are dedicated to fostering a healthy and safe environment. Each semester we particpate in a several intermural sports and hold a variety of outings to get brothers out and active.

Alumni Network

Being a part of Theta Chi means being a part of our rich history and tradition. With over eleven hundred alumni, our organization gives memebers a chance to meet and connect with alumni from all parts of the world across a variety of professions.

Where We Live

528 Beacon Steet

We are very proud of our historic five-story brownstown home located just across the Charles River from MIT in Boston's Back Bay.


At Theta Chi, we know that our studies come first. Our house is complete with a library and group study area where brothers can work together on problem sets and projects.


Inbetween classes, on weekends, or after hours we like to take a break from working and make use of our lounge, bar, pool and ping pong tables, and movie room.


We pride ourselves on our vibrant social life. Interacting with the community and each other is part of life at Theta Chi. Each semester we host a variety of events from community service fundraisers to formals.